What is the summary of the new Shazam movie?

What is the summary of the new Shazam movie-I saw Shazam Fury of the Gods and I thought it was a totally fine film. I enjoyed it. It isn’t great, it isn’t one of the best movies I’ve seen in years, but it’s fine.

It did its job. It’s just like a straightforward superhero film. I thought the acting was fun for the most part.

I really enjoyed Lucy Lou and Helen Mirren in the film. Especially Helen Mirren. I thought she was funny at points.

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The one part where she had to read that really dumb letter, was funny. I thought Jack Dylan Grazer gave a good performance in the movie. I think the Shazam character is fun because he doesn’t really take himself seriously.

And the movie is like a comedy, it doesn’t really take itself seriously. It was pretty gruesome at points, which is how the first one was, but it just kind of fit that film better than it did in this one. In this one it was a little more jarring.

It was kind of more confusing in this movie, how it switched from them being adults to being kids. In certain scenes. I was just like, Why are they adults and why are they kids here? There really isn’t much to pick apart or even say about the film.

What is the summary of the new Shazam movie?


It just was fine. It’s a shame the movie is bombing. I don’t think it’s just that bad of a movie.

I thought the movie was fine enough. It’s been a long time since the last Shazam movie as well. It’s been about four years where maybe people just didn’t like the trailer.

If you think you might have a reason, leave a comment, just share it with everybody. Feel free. The ending was a little long as well.

Didn’t really need to go on as long as it did. Overall, I give Shazam Fury of the Gods three stars out of five stars. Maybe slightly above average, because I would say if you wanted to see it, check it out.

I probably preferred Shazam Fury of the Gods to Antman Three because this had like at least it taken place in the real world and not in a computer-generated quantum realm that looked terrible. Not that there wasn’t a lot of CGI in this movie, it just was a bit less than usual, which was kind of refreshing, especially for superhero movies. At least I got my thoughts out there.

Tell you to go see it because it’s really not that bad and it doesn’t deserve to bomb like it is. Anyway, that’s all for now. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you later.

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